Top Tips for Intimate Wedding in Italy

Top Tips for Intimate Wedding in Italy

The venues you can choose from mostly rely on how many people you intend to invite. For consideration, the venue’s capacity must correspond to your needs for guests. On the other hand, if your wedding is small and personal, you will have more alternatives for locations because there will not be as many guests. You can choose whichever venue best suits your needs from among the several that provide both outdoor and indoor settings.

You can organize an intimate wedding at your house, in your backyard, on your patio, or even in a house of worship. However, if you are planning for the best intimate wedding, Italy would be a great choice for you. The likelihood that you would connect with every guest who attends your wedding would be lower if your guest list is more. Having a minimum number of guests i.e., around 50 to 80 at your wedding allows you to interact with each one individually.

They will also get a chance to involve more in the wedding celebrations. You can involve everyone without leaving anyone out, whether you are playing games or anything else. There are so many wedding planners available nowadays, who help you in planning the best intimate wedding for you. They do not even charge more for their services. By hiring a wedding planner, you can save a lot of money.

As the wedding planners will have a good idea about the caterers, hotels, resorts, photographers, etc, they will plan your wedding the way you want, according to your budget. Princess Apulia is one of the wedding planners in the UK and if you look at their reviews, you will realize how amazing their services are going to be. Get in touch with their team online to discuss your big day.

Read on to know some of the tips to plan for an intimate wedding in Italy.

  • Decide on a figure that you both feel comfortable with when it comes to the guest count. The smallest intimate weddings include 50 guests or 25 guests on each side. Plan whether you want to invite only your close friends or even your colleagues. Remember, the decision must be made combinedly to avoid misunderstandings.
  • It is better to plan for a small intimate wedding as you will have more time to spend with your close friends. You will feel more relaxed by planning a small wedding.
  • Choose the best wedding venue for your intimate wedding. Some wedding planners help you in finding the best wedding venue for you. Tell your requirements to them i.e., whether you are looking for a beach wedding or anything else.
  • Smaller gatherings frequently result in a richer guest experience since the pair may interact more closely with each person. However, because there is a greater emphasis on guests, their experience must also be a top priority.
  • Consider the course of the day and all the little details that can be included to give it a feeling of exclusivity and specialness that a larger wedding party might find difficult to pull off.