Why do watches hold so much importance despite mobile phones?

Why do watches hold so much importance despite mobile phones?

There were days when people wouldn’t step out of the house without wearing a wrist watch. Time held a lot of importance in people’s life. Years have passed however; wrist watches enjoy the same importance and respect. Despite the advanced technology where mobile phones and digital clocks have emerged; people still use wrist watches. 

A wrist watch creates an impression that the person carries a responsible personality and values time. Thus, most people rely on brands like FIORI watches for gifting and using purposes. With plentiful of options it can be confusing on what to buy. 

Following are a few important factors to look for while selecting a watch that is worth and holds importance in your life for long…


A wrist watch is supposed to be simple. Amidst all the complicated mobile screens and loaded features; wrist watches are still considered the easiest gadgets to check time. Look for simple yet elegant looks in a wrist watch.


Features play an important role. Check how clear the dial, needles, and numbers are. The watch features mustn’t complicate the purpose of using it. Moreover, if your watch shows date and month, it will be worth the investment!


Mobile phones can be misplaced anywhere; however, a watch is attached to your wrist and thus gives you a better companionship. Moreover, the warranty on branded watches is longer than the warranty on mobile phones. Mobile phones can get older and outdates in appearance as well as features; however, a branded watch holds the same importance and value always.


The purpose of a mobile phone is to solve many other objectives too. Thus, watch remains a secondary feature for mobile phones. However, a wrist watch will always show you the most important and essential thing in the world i.e. is time. People use mobile phones to make a call, send a text, check the web, add pictures, but a wrist watch will always stick to its core role and that is to show time.


Your wrist watch can represent your profession. For instance, an engineer or a tech savvy will mostly stick to smart or digital watches, a lawyer will wear black or brown leather belt watches with simple dial, and a businessman will wear a classy wrist watch. Thus, you can guess a person’s profession based on his/her wrist watch.