What to look for while choosing a self-tanning mousse in Australia?

What to look for while choosing a self-tanning mousse in Australia?

We’ve all seen the aftermath of a botched self-tan that leaves someone appearing more Oompa Loompa-orange than bronzed. So, how can you avoid looking like you’ve just spilt a can of Fanta all over yourself, or, even worse, the dreaded stripes and streaks?

CHOICE has taken into account all of the crucial aspects to ensure that your fake tan is a success rather than a failure. However, because fake tanning products are so personal, you may need to try a few before finding one that works for you. To save you time and energy, we suggest that you go for the self-tanning mousse at Alpha Tan Co for the best results. 

What to Keep an Eye On?

Lotion, spray, mousse, and gels are some of the several types of fake tanning products available. Mousses are the most popular choice since they dry rapidly and provide a deep tan, albeit they don’t last as long as lotions. The next most popular product is lotion, which is easy to use and typically advised for novices. Spray products enable you to apply it to difficult-to-reach areas like your back.

Tinting: A tinted product helps you to immediately see where you’ve applied it. Other products are clear (your skin becomes tanned over time as a consequence of a chemical reaction with the substance), making it impossible to detect the evenness of the tan when applying it.

Scent: Some fake tans have very strong scents that can stay on the skin and even transfer to clothing in some situations. However, whether or not the smell is nice is certainly a matter of personal preference.  So, before you go out and buy a fake tanning product, make sure you can live with the stench.

Gradual tan: Instead of making you bronzed overnight, certain products build up a natural-looking tan over time when used every day.

Drying timings: Drying times differ depending on the product. Some dry in about a minute, while others take up to 20 minutes to dry. Look for a moisturizer that absorbs rapidly and doesn’t leave you feeling oily.

Tips for applying fake tan

  • After applying the tan, stay out of the water for at least three hours. This includes activities that cause you to sweat because they may blotch your tan.
  • Before applying self-tan, exfoliate with a body scrub or loofah. Dry areas such as elbows, knees, and ankles should be given special attention.
  • Expect your tan to last no more than a few days before you need to reapply. If you want anything that will last a long time, look at the packaging to see how long it will last — some last longer than others.
  • Fake tans can leave stains on towels, clothes, bed linens, and carpets. Check the box for information on transference, but keep in mind that not all products that stain will carry warning labels.
  • If you’re using a product for the first time, test it on a small (and inconspicuous) area of skin to determine if you like the color.
  • Sparingly apply fake tan to your elbows, knees, ankles, and hairline.
  • There are self-tan removal products available if you’ve had a tanning mishap.
  • To avoid staining your hands, use a tanning mitt or disposable latex gloves. If you’re applying tanner to your arms, rubbing the backs of your hands together with a little tanner can prevent the color from stopping at your wrists and staining your palms.