Body Sculpting – The New Body Transformation Tool

Body Sculpting – The New Body Transformation Tool

Everybody wants a visually appealing body to flaunt. But with the current lifestyle and work schedules, it is not such an easy task to achieve. Even after hitting the gym for a long period, most people do not see results.

This can be due to many reasons like body genetics, improper diet, low rate of muscle growth, excess fat, etc. Even though some factors like genetics can’t be completely changed, some others like muscle growth and fat issues can be brought into control.

Most people do not even have any idea of the other possible solutions to body transformation other than conventional methods like workouts and diet. Yes, they can help you become fit and healthy to an extent but contribute very little to the overall aesthetic of your body.

Body sculpture is the modern technique that people use to give an aesthetic finish to their otherwise healthy bodies. A healthy physique might not always be an attractive one. So modern medical techniques like Clinique Anti Aging body sculpture ems are used to give your body the youthful look you always dreamed of but never had.

The two main types of body sculpture techniques are:

  • Emsculpt
  • Trusculpt

Emsculpt or EMS, as it is popularly known, is an electromagnetic medical procedure that is used to attack the fat in the body beneath the skin. This method employs electromagnetic waves of various frequencies through the part between skin and muscles to target the fat lying in there. It is a very effective method but has some limitations like increased maintenance period and long periods to see results.

But, Trusculpt, on the other hand, uses electrical pulses in a multi-directional stimulation (MDS) method. It utilizes 3 different frequencies of waves to generate a complete muscle stimulation. This method even targets the muscles to help with fat reduction.

How does body sculpting work?

The different waves passed into the body will travel through the layer between skin and muscles where most of the fat resides. This will stimulate the muscle surface in such a way that it will contract and stretch the very same way it does while exercising. This will burn the fat on the surface of muscles and in the long run, will get rid of excess fat.

However, processes such as these should be carried out with the help of experienced clinics like Clinique Anti Aging only. Dermatologists at such clinics can make sure that you get the desired results. So be wise and gift yourself a new younger-looking body in a safe way!