A guide to choosing the perfect platinum ring!

A guide to choosing the perfect platinum ring!

When it comes to precious jewellery, one metal that stands out for its shine and gorgeous colour is platinum. With its naturally lustrous and silvery-white surface, it is no wonder why platinum has got so popular in recent decades, and it’s a huge part of fine jewellery. So, if you are planning on purchasing platinum for the first time, get to know the things you need to look out for!

Why choose a platinum ring?

One of the biggest reasons people go for platinum instead of other metals is that they are extremely durable. A platinum ring can be the perfect option for anyone with a very active outdoor lifestyle, so it will still shine and look beautiful even if you put your ring through a lot. It is a great choice for people who are allergic to various other metals or people who have sensitive skin. Moreover, people choose a platinum ring because when combined with diamonds, it enhances the shine of the stone, making it look everlasting and timeless. Unlike other metals, they also maintain colour for decades and are not high maintenance. Though platinum is expensive, it is still a metal worth it and can be passed down for generations.

Things to look for in a platinum ring

When purchasing a platinum ring, here are a few things you definitely need to look out for:

  1. Certification

The first thing you need to check is how genuine the platinum is. Always go for stores that offer you certification, ensuring the authenticity of the metal because this way, you can be certain about the jewellery you get!

  1. Purity

Always make sure how many compositions of platinum are present in your ring. If the ring is marked 950, then it means that the ring contains 95 percent of platinum, which is the highest amount you can get in a jewellery. You could go for jewellery that features a lesser composition of platinum.

Maintenance of a platinum ring

A platinum ring is naturally highly durable and does not require much attention, especially for everyday rings. If you plan to purchase a statement ring with diamonds and stones, you can store it safely in a separate cloth pouch or a capsule. These rings do not have artificial platings, so you could always clean them with soap and water.

A platinum ring can be a dreamy addition to your jewellery collection, so go ahead and get yourself a beautiful one now!