Slip Into These Uber Cool Footwear to Look Summer Ready!

Slip Into These Uber Cool Footwear to Look Summer Ready!

Keep in mind you have enough sun protection this season when you go outside to prevent any form of body irritation from the sun’s damaging radiation. And although you usually have sunblock and SPF creams and mists on hand to protect your body and head and prevent sun tan or sunburn, you frequently forget to take care of your feet. Yes, you start ignoring your feet by choosing improper shoes, failing to use foot sunscreen, and failing to notice high foot wetness that can lead to dangerous illnesses. You can search the Melissa stores near you and get the best collection of summer footwear. Wear the appropriate shoes this summer to avoid all summertime problems.

Flip flops        

If you prefer to have open-toed shoes, flip-flops are among the comfiest shoes you can have. But if you want to feel relaxed, use leather flip-flops rather than those made of plastic. Given that leather is more flexible, it will maintain your feet at a comfortable temperature without irritating them. It also goes well with western summer clothes like jeans or shorts/hot pants.

Strappy heels

Put on a set of unique strappy heels if you wish to be stylish and enable your toes to relax simultaneously. You can choose from strappy heels in various vibrant hues, including stiletto, wedges, or flat soles. Put them on with your floral dress to pull off the summertime aesthetic. It will work best if you don’t have to walk a lot, as you may feel irritated walking miles in heels.


Espadrilles are an excellent option if you prefer to wear simple shoes but do not like open ones. They match perfectly with sundresses, shorts, pants, and other ensembles in addition to being comfy. They come in fashionable designs and vibrant summertime colors. This summertime, they are the highest searched shoes. You can mix and match these with your outfits, plus these are comfortable, so you can also wear them anywhere you want, be it a park or some house party.


Put on a pair of ultra-hip sneakers to feel and look summertime set! You can choose from a wide selection of compact, airy sneakers that will give you an athletic appearance. Sneakers’ most significant benefit is providing comfort and foot protection. Show off your hottest summer vibe by wearing them with your jeans.


Wedges sandals are more relaxing than other high heels because they give you more balance. To complete your summer outfit, wear cool, flowered wedges or ones in a vibrant hue. They are ideal for any event and go well with regular and professional looks!

So these were some of the best uber-cool footwear to look summer-ready. Also, if you’re looking to buy this footwear, you will get the best ones from the Melissa store. You can search for the Melissa store near you and check the best footwear collection there. If you’re in Delhi, you can also visit the Select City Walk mall; many stores, including Melissa. So be sure to try this footwear out; we’re sure you’ll love them. They will give you the exact comfort you need this summer season.