Factors to Take into Account When Selecting the Best Diamond Shape for Your Hand

What form of diamond will appear best on your hand may come up when browsing diamond rings, especially when buying Black Diamonds rings online. Their online shop offers a number of shapes, sizes and gems all from the comfort of your home.

All diamonds are beautiful, but some settings and shapes will highlight your hand and greatest features more than others. The trick is distinguishing the unique shape of your hand and what rings complement them the best.

Before you can choose which alternative is best for you, you must first be aware of the variety of shapes that fit your hand and finger size. Along the process, you can discover more about the forms used most commonly by jewelry designers and their origins.

An Effective Alternative That Has Withstood the Test of Time

The most typical kind of diamond is a round one. No matter how large your hand is or how long your fingers are, round diamonds look beautiful. People have been fascinated by round diamonds for a very long time. The diamond is also surrounded by the solitaire diamond. One of the most popular techniques for placing a diamond in an engagement ring is this one

Because there are no other stones to compete with the diamond’s shine in this classic band, the main stone of a solitaire ring attracts greater attention. In terms of ring designs, a solitaire is a time-honored classic. Simple and elegant thin bands, whether conventional, split-shoulder, or more contemporary, ensure that the diamond’s brilliance is the main attraction, making them the most popular way to propose. Brilliant round diamonds are the most popular shape for engagement rings and are frequently used in single-stone designs.

Diamond-Shaped Small Hands And Fingers

Particularly if your hands and fingers are little, you want your diamond ring to go well with the rest of your ensemble. Keep in mind that tiny stones can easily displace larger ones. Similarly to that, thin bands support this hand. The choices that give the appearance of longer fingers are the best. To give the impression that your fingers are longer, think about utilizing diamonds in pear, oval, or marquise shapes.

You might be shocked to learn how old some gemstone cuts are if you think they’re more contemporary, like the pear shape. Pear-shaped diamonds are increasingly frequently used in jewelry designs by contemporary artists. Despite how it appears, Flanders has used the diamond shape since the middle of the 14th century.

The Scaife, a wheel used for polishing diamonds, was created in 1475 by Flanders, Belgium’s Lodewyk van Bercken, a diamond cutter. His brilliant innovation would change the way diamonds are cut for all time. By making the polishing wheel, he could add facets to a rough diamond. As a result, beautiful diamond cuts may be produced. He produced the first pear-shaped diamond in history in the same year.

Hands With Broader Fingers

Larger rings can be worn than smaller rings on fingers with wider fingers. A broader band is desirable because a narrow one will make your finger appear larger than it is.

On broader fingers, oval and emerald cuts look their best. It can be a good choice if you locate a three-stone setting that you like. On persons with larger fingers, rings with oval or emerald cuts look their finest.

The table cut is one of the oldest diamond forms and dates back to the 15th century. It is based on the emerald cut. This form was created by stone cutters for emerald stones. The emerald cut is well-liked because it makes cutting easier and keeps stone shards out of the cut. As soon as diamond cutters learned about this novel shape, they started utilizing it on other diamonds.

The term “emerald cut” was given to the cut when it gained popularity in the 1920s. The emergence of art deco, a design movement distinguished by symmetry and simple lines, had an effect on emerald-cut fashion. Since then, emerald cuts have gained popularity for use in engagement rings and other jewelry.

Thin Hands Or Long Fingers

For those with long fingers and narrow palms, diamond shapes are the most common. To prevent your fingers from looking excessively long or too short, you should play with the bandwidth. People with long fingers and palms look especially nice wearing jewelry with round and princess-cut stones. If it suits your personality, you might even be able to carry off a more bold appearance.

The French Cut was influenced by the table cut, which made its debut in the 18th century and dates back to the 14th. The interaction between a diamond’s facets and angles was eventually understood by diamond cutters. The origin of the phrase “princess cut diamonds” is unknown. Some diamond historians assert that the 1960s were the turning point. By the 1980s, princess-cut diamonds had gained a devoted following.

Having Square-Shaped Fingers

The tapered band is the finest choice for this hand. You should refrain from wearing wide bands if your hand and fingers are more square-shaped than those of folks with larger fingers.

Even if you have square hands, pear- and marquise-shaped diamonds will make your fingers look longer, just like they do for persons with shorter fingers. Even settings that are wider, like the well-liked antique settings, might not be perfect for you.

Despite the fact that marquise-cut diamonds are less well-known than princess-cut or brilliant round diamonds, many individuals choose to wear jewelry with diamond-shaped stones.

It’s possible that few people are aware of this diamond cut’s past. The Marquise de Pompadour was King Louis XV of France’s mistress, and the king wanted a diamond that resembled her lips. This requirement led to the development of the “Marquise cut.”

This form is known as a “Navette cut” by jewelers. In the 1400s, diamonds were a desirable stone for royals to wear in jewelry. It is only one of the numerous cuts that have changed over time. The best way to describe a marquise-cut stone is as an oval stone with points on either end.


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